Paying It Forward: Police Officers Buy Groceries for a Needy Family, Unexpected Praise Follows

Editor’s Note: Good people do exist! Though these police officers weren’t looking for attention or any recognition for their generosity, this grocery store clerk thought it was a good idea to share their story. Right she was! These kinds of stories give people hope in society. 

VICTORIA, Texas — Two police officers in Texas are getting praise after a photo of them buying groceries for a needy family hit the web.

It’s a photo that’s gone viral in Victoria: two police officers and a basket of groceries.

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Rebecca vasquez was behind them in the check-out line.

“It just seemed a little odd just that they were in full uniform and everything,” she said.

So she asked them what they were up to.

“They actually told me that they were going to be donating the entire basket to a family in need,” she said.

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