Derrick Thompson, a 30-year-old Phoenix man, has been accused of plotting to carry out a “lone wolf” attack inspired by ISIS. Pretty serious stuff, right? He was plotting an attack. Maybe we should keep him in jail under surveillance for the safety of the public. Nope! After posting the $75,000 bail, Thompson (aka Abu Talib al-Amriki, is this not a red flag!?!) was allowed to walk right out the front doors.

He is required to wear an electronic monitoring device, but how much does that really help?

This has thousands of searches on his computer about attacks. He has even searched for “midnight mass” and the difference between martyrdom and suicide! He was labeled as an “avowed jihadist” by the court and had numerous interactions with ISIS websites. This sounds like a man that doesn’t really care what happens to him, as long as he fulfills his mission.

He has already attempted to obtain weapons:

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Court documents said Thompson tried to buy a semi-automatic weapon online in January 2015, but the seller sold the gun to someone else because Thompson was not in Phoenix at the time.

A probable cause statement filed in state court said it was clear Thompson attempted to buy a weapon “with the intent to use that weapon to promote or further the objectives of a criminal syndicate.”


His charges include assisting a criminal syndicate, attempting to commit misconduct involving weapons and inciting or inducing a criminal syndicate. He has pleaded not guilty.


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