PC NATION: Elementary School Won’t Display Student’s Christmas Tree Project for this OUTRAGEOUS Reason

faef3bf8-733f-4504-9ed6-731463bc58b4-e1449931265600This is the stupidest thing ever!

Lewis County is one of the least populated and most rural counties in New York, and has a strong outdoor tradition of hunting and fishing. Recently a 2nd grader in the tiny Lewis County town of Watson (population, 1,881 in 2010) was told that his Christmas tree project would not be put on display with that of other students because he decorated it pictures of bows, a bolt-action rifle, an over/under shotgun, a trio of pistols, and spent brass for ornaments.

Jerry Ward, the student’s father explains, “We as a family hunt, fish, trap and love the outdoors. Both my daughter and son attend the Lowville Academy and Central School, as did I and all of my family. When my father was in school they had a rife shooting team. When I was in school we had an archery league.”

“Now my son can not put paper cut outs on a poster.”

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