Pelosi Kicks Off Campaign Season With Perfect Gift to GOP [WATCH]

During an interview with Politico’s Jake Sherman on Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) delivers a perfect gift to the GOP during this up coming midterm election season.

What did she do?

She showed her full support of raising taxes.

The conversation started by Sherman addressing a Republican ad that targets Pelosi: “They have a new ad that they put out after you said that you thought that you were going to win the majority that says—the title was, “All at Stake.” It said that you would like to institute a single-payer health-care program and raise taxes — I think they mean roll back the tax cuts that they passed this year. Is that—what do you think of that, is that true?”

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Laughing Pelosi responded, “Well, the second part there is accurate. I do think that we should revisit the tax legislation in the way that we always have, in a bipartisan, transparent way, that the result is unifying for the country.”

Yup, she wants to take away the tax cuts (and raise them) that the president and his administration just passed.

Pelosi continued, “I do object, to what they did in the dark of night, at the speed of light.” Funny because her and her companions did the same with ObamaCare.

The Wall Street Journal: “On Dec. 19, 2009, a Saturday, then Majority Leader Harry Reid tossed the 2,100-page bill the Senate had spent that fall debating and offered a new bill drafted in an invitation-only back room. Democrats didn’t even pretend to care what was in it while passing it in the dead of night on Dec. 24, amid a snowstorm, in the first Christmas Eve vote since 1895.”


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