Pelosi Makes INSANE Comment on Trump Wall, You Will be STUNNED!

Pelosi is off making more ridiculous comments in the media.

This time, she is talking about Trump’s wall.

In an interview on NBC’s show ‘Meet the Press’, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said to her host Chuck Todd that President Trump’s wall at the Mexico border is a…


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Yes people, she actually said that.

Check out her full statement below.

PELOSI: “What is wrong with that scenario is the wall. He talks about how tall it is, who will pay for it, and all of the rest of that.

You have to understand this part of the country there is a community with a border going through it.

The president, I think, talking about this wall, is expressing a sign of weakness.

He is saying I can’t control our borders, I have to build a wall. We would certainly like to — we have a responsibility to control our borders but building a wall is not an answer. Not here or anyplace.”


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