‘Pen Guns’: Australia’s Gun Control Utopia Has A Problem With Criminal’s ‘Pen Guns’


But wait! I thought gun-control was supposed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals? Oh… criminals don’t follow the law; now I remember.

Police have smashed a Sydney pen-gun syndicate accused of supplying miniature weapons to bikies and organised criminals.

The James Bond-inspired weapons are made to look like pens, key rings and mobile phones.

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Their ability to be easily hidden was most concerning, especially in the current climate of the high terror alert, police said.

NSW Police Firearms and Organised Crime Squad (FAOCS) arrested the alleged manufacturer of the home-made weapons last week and seized three golden pen guns.

Police will allege Shane Kemp, 27, made eight-centimetre pens with the ability to shoot bullets from common items sold at hardware stores.

So far, officers have found 14 of the guns he allegedly sold at various locations across south-western Sydney.

They were sold for as little as  $100 each.

Mr Kemp was arrested in a Carnes Hill car park last Wednesday as bewildered shoppers walked past.

Police allege the West Hoxton man was caught with equipment to make the lethal weapons as well as three large knives.

One of the guns was allegedly found in the car of John Romeo during a roadside stop at Padstow last month.

Mr Romeo is now before the courts charged with several weapons and drug offences after police allegedly found the pen gun, five rounds of ammunition, four grams of the drug ice and four mobile phones.

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