Pennsylvania: Anti-Gun Mayor Defeated by Pro-Gun Candidate Tom Donaldson

DSC_0087Tom Donaldson won the Butler mayoral race by earning 66% of the popular vote and handedly defeating anti-gun incumbent Mayor Margaret D. Stock.  The defeat of this anti-gun extremist marks a huge victory for Second Amendment supporters and sportsmen.

As mayor, Maggie Stock proudly aligned herself with an anti-gun extremist group, “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (MAIG), that promotes gun bans and increased restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.  MAIG is founded and funded by radical anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Furthermore, Stock opposed federal legislation that would have strengthened your right to self-defense when you cross state lines.

By contrast, Mayor-elect Tom Donaldson is a retired law enforcement officer who is committed to advancing public safety.  But he also understands that law enforcement cannot be there all the time and law-abiding citizens should be …

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