Why These People are Having ‘Sex’ With Planet Earth Will Make You ROFL [WATCH]

Yes, you read that title correctly.

People are having ‘sex’ with planet earth to prove a point…

…and the point is not that it has been 10 or so years since they’ve been laid.

A viral video of ‘ecosex’ is taking social media by storm and confusing the crap out of people.

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According to the video “ecosexuals consider earth to be a lover not a mother”.

Images of earth-muffins rubbing dirt on themselves and licking trees appear on screen. Apparently this is how the loons have ‘sex’ with the planet.

One chick ‘sensually’ shoves dirt into her mouth.

If you threw up a little in your mouth, you’re not alone.

They even perform ‘weddings,‘” the video continues, showing a mass congregation of “ecosexuals” marrying “anything natural, from rocks to mountains and seas.”

It gets better.

There is a manifesto: “the Earth is our lover. We are madly, passionately, and fiercely in love, and we are grateful for this relationship each and every day. In order to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with the Earth, we collaborate with nature.”

“Ecosexuals can be GLBTQI, heterosexual, asexual, and/or Other. We invite and encourage ecosexuals to come out. We are everywhere. We are polymorphous and pollen-amorous.

If you’re still thinking, ‘but why?!’ the video clip states that “ecosexuals believe their ‘faith’ will help environmentalism be taken more seriously.


Ecosexuals are actually making their environmental advocacy look more insane than ever before.

Do they know they look insane?


Do they know?

Watch the craziness below.



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