PERFECT MATCH: Stranger Donates Part of his Liver to 4-Year-Old Girl

girl2Now this little girl has a second chance at life.

PITTSBURGH – A 4-year-old girl received life-saving surgery after a stranger donated part of his liver to her.

Jamie was born with a rare disease and would have died without the donation of David Denovchek.

She was waiting at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital for about a month and was in desperate need of a transplant when Denovchek stepped in.

“Her story touched me. There is this awesome little girl who clearly has not had a fair shake of things in life, has had nothing but bad luck, and I thought, ‘I’ve had a good life,’” Denovchek said. “I haven’t had these kinds of troubles. I couldn’t imagine what that would be like for somebody and I just thought maybe I can help.”

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