PETA Director Attacks Single Mother Who Hunts to Feed Her Family

Single mother Lisa Taylor has skipped making trips to the supermarkets because she hunts for her meals instead… literally.

Ms Taylor often will post photographs of her hunts after harvesting the wild animals, with her rifle in hand.

Some of the game she has shot, in Surrey, England, include wild boar, fallow deer, roe buck and muntjac, as well as some foxes.

The single mother is in charge of managing a deer park, to maintain healthy herd populations.

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She believes her hunting is more humane and ethical than buying meat from the grocery store, which came from animals living in factory farms.

On her social media she posts photos of the meals she cooks after hunting the animal.


Ms Taylor wrote on her page: ‘I’m a girl who hunts and cooks. This is my way of meat shopping.’

On one image, she wrote: ‘This was a Young Roe Buck (Spiker) I shot April 2015. He was quite skinny and was part of the cull plan.

‘Can’t believe Roe Buck season is coming back around so fast. Hopefully after culling last year’s bucks we should have a good healthy and strong herd of Roe deer.’

She also wrote on another picture: ‘A job that has to be done. But after eating my venison and wild boar stew I always need to top my freezer up.’

But of course her actions can’t go unnoticed by the animal rights community.

Head looney tree hugger Elisa Allen, Director animal rights charity PETA UK, told MailOnline: ‘There’s a word for a person who derives pleasure from killing.

‘And while this woman is clearly desperate for attention, callously snuffing out the lives of animals who wanted nothing more than a peaceful existence will make her reviled rather than revered.

‘Most Brits admire real sportspeople and genuine sportsmanship, not small individuals who hurt others in order to make themselves feel big.’

Elisa must not know what factory farms are.

If people are going to eat meat, the way Ms Taylor is getting her’s is much more humane.


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