Philly Teachers are About to Force Feed Students #BlackLivesMatter Indoctrination for a Whole Week

In order to make more “protesters” for future generations, BLM is taking their narrative to the classroom. They are starting these kids out young. Forget math and science and all those subjects that could prepare you for college, let’s talk on how you can protest better.

By Amber Randall

A Philadelphia teachers’ organization urged educators to instruct students about Black Lives Matter (BLM) in the classroom.

The Caucus of Working Educators, a branch of a teachers union, wants educators to wear Black Lives Matter gear in the classroom and teach lessons based on the movement, reports ABC News.

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The organization has already written lesson plans for the week of Jan 23-Jan 28, many of which are based on BLM’s calls for diversity and globalism.

“The vast majority of students that we serve are black, and it’s important to affirm the lives of our students,” Charlie McGeehan, a co-organizer, said.


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