PIONEERING SURGERY: Doctors Save Baby from Having her Brain Squashed due to Crouzon Syndrome

UNLOCKMYSKULLA toddler who had the most misshapen head doctors had ever seen has undergone pioneering surgery to prevent her brain from being squashed. 

Three-year-old Kaydence Theriault  and her fellow triplets Taylor and Kaylin were all born with Crouzon Syndrome, which causes the baby’s head to become misshapen.

Kaydence had the most severe form doctors had ever seen because her skull was shaped like a cloverleaf.

She needed life-saving surgery to ensure her brain didn’t become damaged.

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A team of expert cranio-facial surgeons came together to save her, and now Kaydence and her siblings are like any playful toddlers who will celebrate their fourth birthday in December.

They are suffering no health issues or learning problems and are catching up in height with other youngsters.

Their mother Bobbie Jo, 38, of Indianapolis, said: ‘The doctors have been amazing.

‘When Kaydence was born no-one knew if she would survive. But thanks to their incredible talent we have a normal healthy daughter and we can’t thank them enough.’

Crouzon Syndrome is a genetic condition that causes the plates of a baby’s skull to lock in position too early, before the brain has had chance to grow.

The story appears in Unlock My Skull: Body Bizarre at 10pm on Monday December 2nd on the Discovery Channel.

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