Pistol Packing Pharmacist Stops Machete Wielding Would-Be Drug Thief

Story2The North Little Rock Police Department released surveillance video last week of an attempted drug store robbery gone wrong.

Nearly two weeks ago, on Aug. 30, a man attempted to rob a drug store of pain meds while threatening workers with a machete, but was sent running after the store owner pulled a gun.

In the security video, the suspect can be seen walking into the pharmacy called The Medicine Shoppe while an accomplice waits outside. The store owner, Andy Blansett, was working behind the counter at the pharmacy when the suspect walked in and told store cashier Melanie Miller that he was there to pick up a prescription for his grandmother.

The suspect waited nervously at the counter for about a minute. When Miller returned, the suspect pulled out the machete and demanded that she hand over the store’s supply of Oxycontin, as he attempted to jump over the counter.

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Miller, with a still quivering voice, told reporters at that point she turned and “booked it for the bathroom.” And that’s when Blansett intervened with his .45-caliber Glock pistol.

“I had time to fall back, get my Glock and point it at him. That’s all it took,” Blansett said.

The suspect then quickly turned and ran out of the pharmacy, dropping his machete. As he ran out the door, his accomplice can be seen in the video peering around the corner, trying to determine what had just happened.

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