Plane Starts Falling from the Sky, Leaves DOZENS Injured

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.55.49 AMThat is one scary plane ride! Luckily no one died. This is why it is so important to wear your seat belt!

Passengers including children hit their heads against the cabin roof and others were violently thrown from their seats when a JetBlue plane hit such severe turbulence, it plunged ’50 storeys like an out of control elevator’.

Horrified passengers say they saw people ‘floating’ and ‘bouncing’ around and hitting the cabin so hard, they left dents in the roof and overhead compartments.

The flight from Boston to Sacramento was forced to divert to an airport in Rapid City, South Dakota during the mid-air drama that left 24 people – 22 passengers and two flight attendants – needing medical help.

Hospital staff say 22 passengers and two crew were treated for injuries following the incident before Flight 429 was forced to land at 7.30pm on Thursday.

One flight attendant suffered concussion and neck injuries, said witnesses who also saw up to 10 people floating from their seats and cracking their heads against the cabin interior – including the overhead lockers.

Passenger Derek Lindahl wrote on his Twitter account: ‘Flight attendant was in galley during incident. Hit her head on ceiling and completely dislodged panel. Cuts, neck injury and concussion.’

He added that a woman in front of him rose two feet into the air because she wasn’t wearing a seat belt. He grabbed her to hold her to the seat.

Rhonda Lynam, from Pebble Beach, California, told MailOnline that she thought she was going to die as the plane plunged. Ms Lynam and her mother Therese, who both suffered neck problems and were treated in a nearby hospital after landing.

In horrifying detail, Ms Lynam told ‘We were told to keep our seat belts on because we have heavy turbulence.

‘While we were bouncing around for half an hour, it seemed to get worse outside. It was bad. The lights went out in the cabin.

‘Then it was like – boom! It was dropping 25, 50 storeys, like an out of control elevator.

‘While we were going down, people were floating. This kid, I could see him – this is not really happening, I thought – he was up in the air. He hit his head. There was a big dent (in the roof).


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