PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Will Not Face Justice Because There is NO Justice in America

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.00.07 AMMatt Walsh isn’t holding back for one second in his latest article. Be sure to sit down before you read this.

Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent– the LORD detests them both. –Proverb 17:15

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness. –Isaiah 5:20

The first thing you must understand, if you don’t already, is that we live in a nation devoid of justice and hostile to truth. We live in a nation that acquits the guilty, condemns the innocent, calls evil good and good evil. That is America in 2016, and it’s been this way for quite sometime.

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Once you come to terms with this fact, you will no longer be surprised by anything that happens, no matter how outrageous, depraved, preposterous, or wicked. You will not be surprised that a billion dollar corporation called Planned Parenthood mutilates and murders over 300,000  children a year for profit, and you will not be surprised that our government gives these genocidal killers over half a billion dollars a year of free money, and you will not be surprised when an undercover investigation reveals Planned Parenthood officials selling the corpses of their victims, and you will not be surprised when the justice system clears the corpse-sellers of all wrong doing but indicts the undercover investigators for investigating them.

That last one is a recent development. If you haven’t yet heard, on Monday a grand jury in Harris County, Texas, allegedly tasked with investigating Planned Parenthood’s well-documented practice of pawning the body parts of murdered children, decided to give a pass to the abortion wholesaler and charge the journalists who reported on it instead. This is one of the most remarkable miscarriages of justice I have ever witnessed in my life, but still unsurprising.

Terribly, tragically, shamefully, disgustingly unsurprising.

As you recall, journalist Dave Daleiden, founder of an organization called the Center For Medical Progress, spent several years infiltrating the abortion industry in order to investigate its human trafficking operation. During the course of the project, Daleiden obtained hundreds of hours of footage, and much of that footage proves beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt that Planned Parenthood serves made-to-order organs to motivated buyers across the country.

Among many other pieces of incontrovertible evidence, the videos capture Planned Parenthood officialssaying they’d like to “see how much they can get out of” each “item.” Another reveals a different officialadmitting she wants to “diversify revenue streams” by selling dead children. In another, a Planned Parenthood worker discusses carving up intact babies to hock on the black market. Another catches an abortionist detailing how she can preserve the baby’s head during an abortion for harvesting. The video taken at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast — the affiliate at the center of this case in Texas — shows a high ranking official admitting that she alters her abortion procedures in order to obtain “intact fetal cadavers,” which is a serious crime.

Of course, apologists have always pretended the videos were “doctored” or “deceptively edited,” but Planned Parenthood itself already disqualified that claim. The abortion superstore hired its own experts to analyze the video and their report confirms that none of the footage was doctored, and there is no “widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation.” That’s Planned Parenthood’s own report. NO WIDESPREAD EVIDENCE OF SUBSTANTIVE VIDEO MANIPULATION.

But the supporters of baby murder have no problem ignoring the truth, even as it yells and screams and flails its severed arms right in front of them. Despite the courageous work of Dave Daleiden, nothing could force the repugnant defenders of infant genocide to face the reality. They just plugged their ears, hummed a tune, and kept marching into Hell right over top the mass graves of dead children.

All that remained was the legal case. But the good guys can only win a legal case in a nation where justice exists, and sadly, we do not live in such a nation. So today Planned Parenthood remains unscathed while Dave Daleiden faces the prospect of a decade in prison.

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