Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid Funds Get…

In case you were wondering some details about the healthcare bill, we have a good one for you. Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funds would be stripped for one year.

Once this bill passes the Senate (it needs 51 votes) and President Trump signs it into law, the year will begin.

What is also great is that about 80% of what would have gone to Planned Parenthood would go to one of the thousands of comprehensive health care centers around the nation.

Time to put women’s healthcare first. Not abortion.

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Currently, Planned Parenthood receives roughly $553 million in government funding annually (amounting to $1.5 million per day), and the omnibus budget bill would have continued this. However, the reconciliation bill passed today would reverse the huge majority of the abortion chain’s funding for one year. Out of Planned Parenthood’s $553 million taxpayer dollars, roughly $450 million comes from Medicaid, 90 percent of which comes from the federal government. Thus, the cut in the reconciliation bill amounts to approximately 80 percent of Planned Parenthood’s total government funding.

States will still be allowed to handle their own Medicaid dollars, just as they do with funds governed by the Hyde amendment. Under Hyde, federal Medicaid dollars are directed to not pay for most abortions, but some states still pay for abortions with their state programs and state tax dollars. Battles to defund Planned Parenthood at the state levels are still necessary.

In 130 pages, the reconciliation bill also repeals and replaces portions of ObamaCare, and this is what the Senate debate is predicted to center on in the coming days.

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Prior to the vote, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters: “We’re gonna pass it. We’re gonna pass it. Let’s be optimistic about life!”

And that’s exactly what happened.


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