PLEASE LORD, NO! Politico Hypes Up Chelsea Clinton’s Political Future

Why can’t the Clintons just go away and leave us alone? We would all be so much better off without them. Her father is done, we pretty much gave the middle finger to her mother, Chelsea, take the hint. We don’t want your family in power.

In an article published Monday, Politico’s Annie Karni hyped Chelsea Clinton’s future political life as responsive to the election of Donald Trump as president, as if Clinton’s parents have not sought to groom her to further their family business of politics.

Deliberately avoiding controversy during her mother’s presidential campaign via “anodyne” tweets, Clinton is now said to be transforming her public persona to become “punchier” and “provocative.”

Clinton’s supposedly increased freewheeling style is also plugged by Karni, claiming that the former first daughter is single-handedly operating her Twitter account without handlers and attending political rallies without preemptively advising her “team:”

“The tweets, Clinton insiders maintain, are coming directly from Chelsea, who posts them from her iPhone and often gives no heads-up to her aides, who say they read them with everyone else.

She’s attended two protests in New York City since the election: a rally protesting Trump’s immigration ban, and a Muslim solidarity rally last week — letting members of her team know she was going only when she tweeted pictures and called them from the event, according to aides.”


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