Plugs & Drugs: The Biden Family


No more nice guy. The gloves are coming off. Check it out.

First we read that Hunter Biden, a 44-year-old lawyer looking to pad his political resume with a Navy Reserve stint (in his 40’s for his first enrollment?) was drummed out of said Navy because he tested positive for coke.

What kind of dumbass knows he’s going to be drug-tested and maybe his career ruined – but still has to get coked-up?

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The answer is: An addict, probably.

And Joe Biden’s other kid, Ashley? Party girl – coke, pot, arrested for possession, whatever – right?

Hat tip NY Post:

Ashley Biden “was a hot freshman that every guy wanted to be with,” said Nat Berman, a Tulane University classmate, who said he bailed Ashley out of jail after her 1999 marijuana arrest in New Orleans, for which no conviction was recorded.

“She was very attractive.

“Everybody at Tulane knew that she was a party girl,” Berman said. “She wore some pretty short shorts — a lot.” Berman, 30, wrote on his blog,, after Joseph Biden’s election as vice president last November about Ashley’s partying.

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