POETIC JUSTICE? Clinton’s ‘Black Son’ Demands DNA Sample from Monica’s Blue Dress to Determine Paternity

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-10-03-44-amWhen someone fights this hard to prove something, you have to stop and question if it’s true or not. This guy is not giving up his story and is demanding a DNA test. Bill won’t give him one so he decided to look elsewhere. Check it out.

Danney Williams, the man who claims to be the illegitimate son of Bill Clinton, is demanding a DNA sample from Monica Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress in a bid to prove his story.

Williams will appear at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. today to make his demand that supporters have characterized as a “bombshell that will rock Hillary’s campaign”. Infowars will be carrying a live feed of the press conference.

“I done my homework and I saw they returned the dress to her after the tests and I thought why not ask her for it. I’m praying on it that she will make this happen for me. I’m sure [the Clintons] hurt her as they hurt me,” Williams told Radar Online.

“I believe Hillary told my dad I would ruin her chances of being in the White House,” continued Williams. “I feel she cut him off from being in my life, but this isn’t political.”

Hours before the final presidential debate last month, attorneys acting on behalf of Williams announced their intention to file a paternity suit demanding DNA evidence from the former president.


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