Poetry Corner: Liberty’s Bright Guiding Light

grim bhoIn a land of long ago and far away

Not much different than today

Lived a man of high expectation

(Though none knew his resignation

To kill the land of opportunity),

Who became the leader of inequity.


In his promises some believed,

Reality suspended, from truth cleaved,

And in this state of worshipping

Into office they put their King

Of “Hope” and “Change” and “Transparency”

None foresaw their ways of errancy.


The King, with Nobel Prize of Peace,

Won the day without release,

Of his plans to go to war,

With all and sundry, battle more,

To send our troops both here and there,

Of Fast and Furious, he did not care


To tell the truth, or swear on oath,

He lies like ash on Mount Gorgoroth,

And when asked “how”, “what”, or “when”,

His heart’s reaction is to lie descend;

Darkness stalks his every word,

From his lips truth is unheard.

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Soon, without the law’s consent,

He made decrees from which was rent

All legal ways of doing things,

(But such is the way of tyrants and kings),

And Executive Orders became the way

To make his land his price to pay.


The King gave to “green” companies

And soon came many bankruptcies,

The country’s money went down the drain

And their grandchildren would feel the pain

Of paying back King’s grand largesse

To clean up King’s debt-filled mess.

He hired those whose ways were hate

(Of this truth there was no debate)

For the land that they alleged to serve

And their backgrounds could all unnerve

For bombings, being Commies and much more,

Became czars, cabinet, and judges galore.


The country King ruled o’er with rage

Became a laughing stock engaged

In sophistry (in both gifts and diplomacy),

With thanks to King’s indelicacy,

And infantile, King threw a fit

When all King did was not a hit!


The future of the land he ruled

(Of unwilling subjects and those he fooled)

Became dangerously split in twain

(To never be put back again?)

And over-taxed and unemployed,

Became the things with which King toyed.


King muddled in their health care,

Gun rights, schools and everywhere

The people thought they had the right

To make decisions, and truly delight

In living as they thought they could

In a land that was free and good.


So where are they now, of long ago?

Where are the rights they used to know?

What land is this, that once so was?

As King became Tyrant without pause

And the people’s lives were lived for naught,

But to serve as slaves as subjects ought.


A stand was taken, and things put on hold

But e’en though the move was bold,

The Tyrant’s ruthless cuts and moves,

Reduced the hold to public approved

Compromise; ’twas said, “All good”,

Both sides won, ‘cept Tyrant’s mood


And soon the Tyrant doubled down

And ran the people into the ground

As push to shove to marching boots

Became the Tyrant’s power routes,

And people, no more had the right

To join in freedom’s noble fight.


Brown Shirts, dark hearts and special rights,

They made the people to recite

A pledge to obey the Tyrant King

To bow down and kiss his ring,

Grovel, kowtow, be nothing more

Than Tyrant’s slaves as ne’er before.


Until one night in hours before dawn

One stood up and called upon

A group of others tired of crawling

And, together, (through life appalling),

They organized the people’s hearts

And freedom’s fight had its start.


Before the Tyrant had the chance

To take away freedom’s glance

Inside the hearts and souls of man

Where freedom’s calling laid the plan

To defeat the Tyrant and his Brown Shirts

And make a difference in people’s hurts.


So freedom’s light returned to the land

Of Tyrant King’s defeat unplanned

Because the people stood up tall

And stood together, servants all,

Of Liberty’s bright guiding light

That shines the brightest in the night.


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