Police dig up British nurse’s garden after ‘he boasts about cooking a boy and a woman online’

DALE BOLINGERA male British nurse last night denied plotting to help a New York policeman to kidnap, rape and eat female victims as police dug up his garden for clues.

Kent Police swooped on Dale Bolinger, 57, after it emerged that ‘Cannibal Cop’ Gilberto Valle, currently on trial on sensational charges of conspiring to murder and cook a series of women, had been corresponding online with a cannibalism guru in England.

The English cannibalism enthusiast claimed in sick exchanges with Valle, 28, last summer that he had previously eaten a white boy aged five and a black woman – and in a grotesque British twist advised using the fat from female breasts to make Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes.

The emailer also had a recipe for ‘human haggis’ using the lungs and stomach.As he spurred his American associate on, he used the aliases MeatMarket Man and Moody Blues, and even recommended eating a victim alive, saying ‘I think of it as eating her to death.’

The emailer also offered to fly to Valle to help him kill and butcher a woman, offering to bring anaesthetic gas and a meat cleaver. By kidnapping and eating a variety of women they could evade capture, unlike the Yorkshire Ripper, he added, saying, ‘Girls go missing all the time’.


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