Police Investigate Woman Who Defended Herself With Gun, Because Perpetrator is Now…

One woman was able to survive a potentially life threatening situation because she was armed and ready to defend herself.

The Arizona resident, living in Phoenix, was on her way home when a man grabbed her and tried multiple times to force himself into her residence, AZ Central reported.

Authorities believe the suspect was most likely trying to rob her, and the two had no relationship prior to the incident.

Somehow, the woman was able to escape the man’s grip on her and was able to secure the door behind her. Instantly she grabbed her gun inside her house and fired at him after he forced his way inside her home.

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The man ran away to a local hospital, after receiving the wounds, and was pronounced dead there. Luckily the woman survived the whole ordeal unharmed.

No charges have been filed against the woman, but authorities have labeled the incident as a homicide.

The investigation has withheld the identities of the man and woman involved, but it has been reported the man who died was 34 years old.

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