Police Say Teen Girls Responsible For Recent Robberies

Student, get active and push for campus concealed carry laws to be put in place!  If you were allowed to carry on campus its guaranteed nonsensical crimes like this would go down.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A series of brazen robberies by suspects you might not expect has caused police to issue a crime alert on the University of Minnesota campus.

There’s been a total of four robberies in the past couple weeks near the campus.

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Police say they believe in two of the cases, a pair of teenage girls are responsible for assaulting students in an attempt to steal their cell phones.

Eighteen-year-old Odessa Richmond was booked at Hennepin County Jail last weekend.

The other girl’s name isn’t being released because she’s not eighteen.

University of Minnesota student Katie Johnson said after her car was recently broken into in this area, she started to get crime alerts texted to her.

“Well, I live two blocks from here, and this is where it happened, so really close,” Johnson said.

She couldn’t believe when she saw a pair of teen girls were partly responsible for recent robberies on campus.

“It’s just really scary,” she said. “Usually it’s a male-oriented crime, so it certainly shocked us when we saw that.”

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