POLICE: Two Black Thugs Sexually Attack White Chick, Yell Racial Slurs [VIDEO]

Ladies this is why you arm yourselves. This crime is being investigated as a ‘biased-attack’. No matter the motive, we have got to stay dangerous and turn from prey to formidable defenders.

Early Friday morning, two African-American men sexually assaulted the woman outside the shopping center. Police say the victim, who is white, didn’t know the attackers. During the assault, the men yelled racial slurs at the woman before fleeing the scene.

Aurora police would not comment on whether the case is being classified as a bias-related attack.

“I’m afraid. I’m scared,” said Mirna Ontiveros.

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Ontiveros works at the shopping center and was recently robbed at gunpoint. She says despite the surveillance cameras, she’d like to see a bigger police presence.

“I really hope they find them because we don’t feel safe. And I hope she’s okay and hopefully we’ll have more protection in the area,” she said.

Aurora police say they frequently patrol the area, but have no leads and no suspects.

As the search for two violent criminal intensifies, Miller is hoping they’ll be captured, and severely punished.


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