Policy Check: Insurance Company Doesn’t Have an ‘Exploding Corpse’ Clause in Coverage, Homeowner Loses Battle to Claim on Damages

Screenshot 2014-04-27 at 8.50.08 AMA Florida appeals court judge has ruled that an insurer is not liable for damages that occurred to an apartment after a neighbor’s dead body ‘exploded.’

Judy Rodrigo battled State Farm for almost six years, arguing that the insurer of her Jupiter condo should pay for the clean-up of her apartment. 

She argued that the Keystone Condominium Association left the neighbor’s corpse so long that the body’s fluid leaked into her apartment.

Rodrigo’s civil lawsuit against State Farm stated that ‘another unit owner’s body exploded thereby causing blood and bodily fluids to go into the adjoining condominium and the unit owned by Judy Rodrigo.’

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The neighbor’s body was discovered an estimated two weeks after her death after a foul odor filled the adjacent units.

The elderly woman’s puppy had been feeding on the corpse, according to the Courthouse New Service.

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