POLITICAL LAUNCH PADS: Why Iowa and New Hampshire are Crucial to Presidential Elections

voting_colrCrazy how these state conventions became so crucial.

As recently as the 1960s, no one really cared about the Iowa caucus. It was some also-ran contest buried amid other caucuses and primaries somewhere along the way to electing a president of the United States.

Now, the caucus in Iowa is the all-important kickoff to election season, followed closely by the first primary in New Hampshire. And New Hampshire is arguably equally important, as it either affirms the frontrunner decided in Iowa or tempers the results of the first event with a different outcome.

Iowa never intended to set the pace of every presidential election season. Though, now that it does, the state wants to stay there.

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The Democratic caucus in Iowa always comes several weeks before other political conventions in the state. In 1972, officials in the state’s Democratic Party were having scheduling difficulties because there wasn’t enough hotel space in Des Moines for the dates that they wanted to host the state convention. So, they rescheduled, which forced them to move the caucus to January.

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