Politico Columnist: NRA’s LaPierre Has ‘Blood On His Hands’

lapierrePolitico columnist Roger Simon has never been the brightest bulb in the chandelier. But he has always been a reliable bellwether for what the extreme left is thinking. And according to Simon’s Wednesday column, the left is a little freaked out over what is shaping up to be a big loss for those desperate to restrict our civil rights:

Wayne LaPierre may have more blood on his hands than Dracula, but — fair is fair — he also has the guts of a burglar.

He will say anything to advance the agenda of the National Rifle Association, which he runs, and he doesn’t worry about his critics. Under his leadership, the NRA has grown and today is one of the most feared lobbies on Capitol Hill.


“Blood,’ “Dracula,” and “burglar” all in a single sentence. Simon is so desperately bummed he’s mixing metaphors in under 25 words.

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By the way, don’t be surprised if next week Simon throws up a column about how the right…



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