POLITICO WRITER: ‘Either Trump is F–ing His Daughter or He’s Shirking Nepotism Laws.’

Umm…excuse us? What? Did we hear that correctly? Yes, yes we did…

Well then, so much for the “Love Trumps Hate” movement and whatnot. Guess we can be thankful Politico grew a backbone, even if it’s just a thin one, and fired this reporter.

Politico has terminated its contract with magazine writer Julia Ioffe after she sent a tweet that referenced a possible incestuous relationship between President-elect Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka.

In a note to Politico staff Wednesday, Editor-in-Chief John Harris and Editor Carrie Budoff Brown said Ioffe violated guidelines against displaying “gratuitous opinion” on social media.

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“Julia Ioffe’s tweet this afternoon about President-elect Trump – currently and understandably racing across social media – is a clear example of the opposite of what we were talking about. Julia had previously announced she is taking her work to the Atlantic. We have accelerated the close of her POLITICO contributor contract, effective immediately.” –Poynter


Ioffe is no stranger to uncomfortable tweets. Here she is criticizing Trump’s cabinet. Guess this journalist doesn’t realize who Ben Carson is.



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