Poll: David Hogg Has Officially Become Irrelevant — Do You LOVE This?

Parkland activist David Hogg, well known for his gun-grabbing antics, requested his army of millennials to boycott BlackRock and Vanguard on April 17.

These companies are major investment firms, both dipping their funds in the gun manufacture market. He thought after having the affect he did on Fox News host Laura Ingraham and her advertisers, that this call would work:

He has been pretty quiet about this boycott only bringing it back up on April 19, thanking another Twitter “soldier” for telling his “financial adviser to avoid all funds that invest in weapons of war for the consumer market, and did so long ago.”

However, not a word has been mentioned since about the boycott. Does that mean it failed?


According to TheWrap, both trillion-dollar investment groups have seen zero changes in their clients since Hogg declared the boycott. “No high-profile clients that I can think of left BlackRock as a result of it,” a BlackRock employee said. “It’s definitely not water-cooler talk.”

One from Vanguard disclosed the company’s financial situation “remains kind of the same as what it has been in previous months.”

Looks like this Hogg’s squeals are falling on deaf ears.


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