POLL: Middle Schoolers Throw Block of Wood at Trump’s Motorcade — Should Officials Punish Them to Full Extent of the Law?

What the hell children?! Weren’t they taught manners? Or at least what’s against the law?! The Liberals aren’t really setting the best example, though. Maybe learning at a young age will prevent an even worse act in the future. Maybe…

On Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump traveled by presidential motorcade from a Florida airport to his Mar-a-Lago estate.

His security detail successfully completed the transfer. However, it was not without incident.

CBS12 reported that while driving down Southern Boulevard, one of the vehicles was struck by a “small, hard” object.

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Police later identified the object as a 2“ by 4” inch wood block, and addressed the situation on its Facebook page:

The five local middle school kids now face charges that will be filed with the Palm Beach County States Attorney’s Office.


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