POLL: Should Bernie Sanders’ New Book ‘Our Revolution’ be Found Under ‘Teen Fantasy’ in Book Stores?

A lone Snap-chatter was wondering the halls of Barnes&Noble when he stumbled upon a book. What book was it you say?


It was the Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders’ book ‘Our Revolution’. But the Snap-chatter found something odd with what he saw.

He was browsing in the ‘Political’ section of the store and thought to himself, ‘well this doesn’t belong here.’ So he went searching. Up and down the aisles of the book store, he searched and searched. “Where, oh where does this book belong?”

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Romance? No. Science Fiction? No. History? Hell no.

Where was it to go?

Almost giving up on his search. He found the perfect one!


‘Ah, yes,’ he thought to himself, ‘this is where this book belongs!’ Do you agree?

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