POP-TART GUN BILL: Nevada’s Bill Allowing Objects that Represent Guns in Schools is Closer to Becoming Law

B9317351684Z.1_20150514204517_000_G78APMFVR.1-0Perhaps this law is a gateway to teaching gun safety in the classroom. That would be awesome!

Students could bring a small toy gun to school, point their finger like a gun or – yes – even brandish “a partially consumed pastry or other food item to simulate a firearm” under a bill that became one step closer to Nevada law on Thursday.

Basically, Nevada students could do everything short of possessing a real firearm and schools would be forbidden from punishing them, according to protections proposed in Assembly Bill 121.

Without debate, the Senate Committee on Education unanimously recommended AB121 to the full Senate on Tuesday. Having already passed the Assembly in a 24-17 vote, the bill only needs Senate approval and Gov. Brian Sandoval’s signature to become law.

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The bill lists all kinds of weapon-related actions that would be protected from discipline in school:

Doodling a gun or dangerous weapon on a sheet of paper.

Twirling a pencil like a cowboy handling his revolver.

Simulating a gun with building blocks.

Wearing clothes depicting firearms or expressing an opinion regarding the constitutional right to bear arms.

That doesn’t mean students could do whatever they want with these simulated weapons.

Under the bill, students could still be disciplined for disrupting learning, causing bodily harm to others or making anyone believe they might be harmed.

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