PORK OF A MATTER: Britain First Leader Paul Golding is Planning to Bury a Pig at Planned Mosque Site

o-BRITAIN-FIRST-570Apparently the residents of that neighborhood don’t want a mosque in the area. This is one creative way they’re trying to get what they want.

The leader of Britain First has threatened to bury a pig at the site of a planned mosquein order to ‘Contaminate’ the and and stop its construction.

Paul Golding was speaking ahead of a march through the town of Dudley on Saturday afternoon.

He said: “Britain First has come here today to show solidarity with the people of Dudley.

“That mosque has not been constructed yet and I can tell you now it won’t be.

“In previous cases like Seville in Spain, patriots, local residents have buried pigs on the land. Contrary to what it says in the Koran, you can’t build on swine-infested, contaminated land.

“We will take that action if necessary.”

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