President of Planned Parenthood Pens ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ Essay — You Will be STUNNED

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards makes a lot of money off of the idea women should not become mothers.

Maybe that’s why it is so gross that she wrote a mother’s day essay. Does she have any self-awareness?

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Every mom I know would skip the breakfast in bed, the Hallmark card or the flowers in exchange for the security of knowing they and their kids are healthy and happy. But this Sunday, mothers across the country will spend Mother’s Day worried about the health of women and families — especially if they’re opening their gifts in front of the morning news.

The American Health Care Act, which the Donald Trump Administration is working hard to jam through Congress, aims both barrels at women. It makes it harder to plan your pregnancy…

Or profit from abortion.

Sorry, please continue to spew your lies.

…harder to have a healthy pregnancy and harder to take care of your children. No matter how many ribbons and bows you put on it, that’s one ugly Mother’s Day present.

Woman, you promote the killing of innocent children! THAT IS AN UGLY MOTHER’S DAY “PRESENT”!

This woman never fails to shock us. We know it’s coming; that we should see it a mile away. But it is still shocking every time words come out of her mouth.

How could someone be so cold?


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