Is He President Yet? Donald Trump Treats Un-Official Role Very Officially

With the first month of ‘working’ as President-elect behind him, Donald Trump has taken the role in an official manner. These moves are showing Donald’s dedication to his elected office. Are these encouraging signs for you?

President-elect Trump has spent the month since his election victory engaging in some distinctly presidential-style behavior, including engaging with businesses on behalf of the American people, conducting a bit of foreign policy, and delivering sweeping public addresses — all before he holds the authority of the presidency.

With weeks to go until he takes office, Trump’s moves have tested the limits of his unofficial powers as the president-in-waiting. And although his activism has drawn scrutiny from detractors, his favorability ratingshave hit new heights on the heels of several high-profile successes.

“I don’t think it’s normal for a president-elect to be out and about like this, but this is the era of Trump, and he is literally rewriting the rules,” said Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist.

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“Things always change when you actually are sworn in, but at the same time, he is taking advantage of this and throwing his weight around while he’s got the momentum,” O’Connell added.

Trump notched his first presidential-style win last week when he convinced executives at manufacturing firm Carrier to scrap their plans to move an Indianapolis plant to Mexico, saving somewhere between 700 and 1,100 jobs in the process.

He did so through a combination of state-level tax incentives offered by Vice President-elect Pence, Indiana’s lame-duck governor, and the promise of impending federal tax cuts designed to boost the business climate. Trump had similarly claimed to have kept Ford Motor Co. jobs from leaving the country. And Trump followed the Carrier deal with an announcement on Tuesday that a Japanese telecommunications corporation, SoftBank, would soon invest $50 billion to create 50,000 jobs in the U.S.

Trump’s acceptance last week of a congratulatory call from the president of Taiwan made waves in diplomatic circles because it violated a “One China” policy of withholding recognition of Taiwanese sovereignty in existence since Jimmy Carter. Many interpreted the move as a signal that Trump intends to back up his tough campaign talk on China.


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