Primal: Man Uses Spear to Save Girlfriend from Mountain Lion

man with spearIt is perhaps North America’s first recorded case of a spear being used to kill a cougar in self-defense. A British Columbia resident is being hailed as a hero after he used the tool to save his common-law partner from a mountain lion near their home on the remote Flores Island on Sunday. According to The Globe and Mail, the 60-year-old woman was being mauled in her garden when the as-of-yet unidentified man heard her screams. Officials say that the man took up a spear, likely made for boar hunting, and stabbed the large cat several times. The mountain lion ran off and the man was able to procure help for his injured girlfriend.

“That’s a significant amount of bravery that he showed,” Conservation officer Ben York told The Globe and Mail. “I understand why he did it, but it still takes a lot of bravery to do what he did and I’m glad he was there to rescue her. You know it could have turned out a lot differently if he hadn’t been around.”

Early reports indicate that the woman’s wounds are significant, including puncture marks from powerful bites and heavy damage to the victim’s scalp. Part of her scalp was also reportedly crushed during the attack. She underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

After the incident conservation officers scoured the surrounding countryside in search of the animal. With the help of a cougar hunter, they found the animal’s carcass a short distance away from the house. It appeared to have died from …

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