PRIORITIES? Al Sharpton Thinks Not Enough Blacks Are Selling Weed!

The “Reverend” Al Sharpton has some…interesting priorities.

The race-baiter has identified another “industry” plagued by racial inequality.

The Huffington Post reports that Sharpton thinks the weed “industry” (not the type that grow in you grandma’s garden) is too white.

…You would think that would be a good thing. Right?

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Sharpton, a prominent civil rights leader and founder of the National Action Network, will be the keynote speaker at the Cannabis World Congress Business Exposition in New York on Friday.

The event will mark the first time Sharpton will speak publicly about the decriminalization of marijuana use and call for an increase in diversity and better inclusion of people of color within the industry.

“Just because I don’t use marijuana as a Minister, does not mean I have the right to impose my moral values on others,” Sharpton said in statement sent to HuffPost. “However, I will challenge the cannabis industry and its distributors in states where it is legal to support civil rights movements and ensure that we are not disproportionately excluded from business opportunities” […]

Sharpton also aims to help identify ways people of color can become more involved in the industry where it operates legally, which is growing at a rapid rate and expects to surpass $21 billion in 2020.

While it is hard to track down official statistics on the demographics of cannabis business owners, Buzzfeed’s Amanda Chicago Lewis investigated the issue and discovered that less than three dozen of the almost 3,600 storefront marijuana dispensaries in the country are black-owned ― about 1 percent.

Even though there was the “where it operates legally” disclaimer, Sharpton is still talking about something that is illegal in 42 out of 50 states.

He wants more black people in an enterprise that will go against the law?

Yeah, but we still believe in racist police and the unfairness of the incarceration rates…

Also, why would you be encouraging young people to get closer to an industry that is potentially illegal?

He has to have some angry parents on his doorstep.

Sharpton, take note of Sheriff David Clarke explanation in a 2015 profile for National Review:

“The only reason we went on that lock-’em-up drive in the first place,” he suggests, “was black mayors who went to Congress and pleaded for help. Because of the violence, they pleaded with Congress for tougher laws on crack cocaine. Black mayors did that. Yet we’re made to believe it was white congressmen who wanted to throw these black guys in jail.”

And despite the fact that people on both sides have agreed with marijuana legalization, the fact still remains that it is a source of numerous ills, both to the individual and to society.

Sharpton really has a skill in picking out the most idiotic issues to fuss over.

h/t The Federalist Papers


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