Pro-Fighter, Jake Shields, Defends Man from Berkeley Rioters… Police and Citizens Stand by and Watch [VIDEO]

It’s shocking that the police themselves did not step in and save this citizen from a beating by these fascist rioters. Luckily Shields stepped in and saved the guy. The video below shows the aftermath of what occurred.

The force is not strong with these thugs. At least in the intellectual department.

There is a good chance Shields was there for what he thought would be a peaceful protest, then took action once he realized what the leftists were really about. That is causing a mighty ruckus by smashing buildings. Faces. Any semblance of reason. They must be buckets of fun at a sleep-over. Pillow fight anyone? You bring the pillows, I’ll bring the mace.

Personally speaking, any political opinions you and I have in common end when I see you stir up a mob with the hopes of curb stomping someone. Seems reasonable, no?

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This is how extreme the left has gotten. If you disagree with them or refuse to wear the title of Nazi, they’ll beat your ass. While claiming the mantle of love, tolerance, diversity, and freedom.


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