Pro-gun control YouTube ad funded by group with close ties to Obama

A new video depicting California teenagers voicing their support for increased gun control measures – currently playing as an advertisement on YouTube videos – was funded and produced by an organization with close ties to the Obama White House and liberal billionaire George Soros. The organization has long advocated for President Obama’s domestic policies and retains a lobbying and consulting firm involved in the passage of Obamacare to serve as its “presence in Washington.”

The California Endowment, a private foundation that was created by a deal between Blue Cross of California and the state of California in 1996 when Blue Cross of California became a for-profit corporation, launched the video “California Teens Demand a Plan to End Violence” as part of its pro-Obamacare campaign, “Health Happens Here.”

The Obama administration is currently working on strict new gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Newton, Connecticut elementary school shooting.

The California Endowment’s video depicts facial close-ups of predominately Latino and African-American teenagers from the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights invoking the Newtown school shooting tragedy and urging people to “demand a plan,” similar to a December video in which Hollywood celebrities, including Conan O’Brien, did the same for a Michael Bloomberg-backed organization.

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“Every day fourteen kids are murdered,” according to the teenagers in the video.

“Catorce,” said a Latino teenager depicted in the video.

The California Endowment, which gives out approximately 5 percent of its worth annually, is exempt from federal income taxes under…





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