Professor Defending Blacks-Only Event Fired, Claims it’s a ‘Public Lynching’

Professor Lisa Durden of the Essex County College in New Jersey has been fired after appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show.


Well during the show Durden boasted about a Black Lives Matter Memorial Day celebration excluding whites.

The interview took place on June 6th and showing up to work on the 8th Jeffrey Lee, vice president of the college’s academic affairs, gave Durden a letter informing her she was suspended “until further notice.”

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Reportedly someone complained about the interview.

So what happened?

Well Carlson gave Durden an out stating initially: “the whole point of Black Lives Matter, or one of the points, would be to speak out against singling people out on the basis of their race and punishing them for that because you can’t control what your race is, and yet they seem to be doing that, explain that to me.”

Then the professor replied: “What I say to that is boo, hoo, hoo, you white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card to get invited to the Black Lives Matters, all black, Memorial Day celebration. Memorial Day was created by black former slaves in 1865 to honor those individuals who were Union soldiers who fought and died for our freedoms so Black Lives Matter in that same vein decided to get together with black folks to honor black folks. To make sure that black folks was celebrated for being murdered by racist terrorists! …This particular day, [Black Lives Matter] said, ‘Stay your asses out! We want to celebrate today.’ We don’t want anybody going against us today.”


Of course the professor is now claiming racism for her being fired.

Durden told The Star-Ledger. “They did this to humiliate me. Essex County College publicly lynched me in front of my students.”

Her attorney, Leslie Farber, stated, “There’s got to be some other agenda. It seems to me they’re going to make up some reason. We’ve got to figure out what that is and why. Is she too outspoken?”

Are you glad this chick is getting canned?

We certainly aren’t crying about it.


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