Progress: Missouri Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pro-Gun Amendment, Still on Ballot

missouri supreme courtEditor’s Note: The gun-rights amendment has survived attacks in the court system by Bloomberg-funded group members. The next step is to win the fight at the ballot box on August 5th!

As previously reported last month, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun followers made another attempt at hindering your right to keep and bear arms in Missouri.  In mid-June, a lawsuit was filed against Senate Joint Resolution 36 (Constitutional Amendment 5 on the August 5 primary election ballot) – with the plaintiff being St. Louis Police Chief Samuel Dotson III and Rebecca Morgan, a member of the Missouri chapter of a Bloomberg-funded anti-gun group.

This lawsuit sought to challenge the ballot language and had the express intention of outright killing this ballot measure.  If it were up to those who filed this lawsuit, your Second Amendment rights would not exist.

Yesterday, a decision by the Missouri Supreme Court dismissed this lawsuit – a small victory for law-abiding gun owners in the Show Me State.

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