When Prosecution Is Persecution: The Gun-Control Zealots’ War on Law Abiding Gun Owners

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Boom! Wayne LaPierre just went there.

Good and evil. Right and wrong.Those are two fundamental opposing concepts that define the nature of humankind.

But for the gun-ban crowd, each and every one of them—when it comes to private ownership of firearms and armed self-defense, the very heart of the Second Amendment—there is no such conflict. In their lexicon, firearms in the hands of private citizens are inherently evil.

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These zealots for disarming individual Americans choose not to recognize the basic notion that defines American freedom: the difference between a good guy with a gun and a bad guy with a gun.

There is no better example of that mindset than with the persecution of a young woman named Shaneen Allen. Her crime? Being honest in New Jersey.

Allen, a Philadelphia resident, mistakenly believed her Pennsylvania carry permit was like her driver’s license—universally recognized across state lines. When she crossed the bridge into New Jersey in October 2013, she entered a gun-ban Twilight Zone that began with a state trooper pulling her over for a minor traffic infraction.

Allen acted properly when she volunteered that she possessed a lawful carry permit and had a Bersa semi-auto in her purse in the back seat. The handgun, by the way, was locked and inoperable. (In New Jersey, Right-to-Carry permits are rarely issued, subject to the whim of gun-ban public officials.)

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