PROUD PARENTS: Kid Screams ‘I Want to Kill Him’ as he Swings at a Trump Pinata [WATCH]

Isn’t that just sweet…

It seems like plenty of people have wanted to take a bat to Donald Trump‘s head this year, and last night in Oregon, some kids finally had the chance with a piñata shaped like the Republican presidential candidate.

At the grand opening for El Diablito, a food cart in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, a group of predominately of children and Latinos took turns hitting a candy-filled Trump piñata with a baseball bat.

The group had some choice words as they took swings at the life-size presidential candidate figure, which had Trump posing with his mouth open and his middle fingers raised.

‘I want to kill him,’ one child said as he watched someone hit the piñata.

One woman eagerly smashed the piñata as she hit it several times.

‘Because f*** Trump,’ she said when asked why she wanted a turn. ‘I’m sorry I know there are kids here, but he really sucks that hard.’

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