Psycho Chick: Pilot Arrives Late for Flight, Goes Off on Crazy Rant About Her Divorce, Hillary Clinton & President Trump… People Flee Plane [WATCH]

Maybe this woman shouldn’t fly planes anymore…

Just a suggestion, people usually like it when their pilot is sound in the head. Unlike this chick.

An unidentified female United Airlines pilot was removed from a plane before a flight from Austin to San Francisco Saturday evening.

United flight 455 was scheduled to depart Austin–Bergstrom International Airport at 5:02pm but was delayed for more than two hours after the pilot went on what passengers described as a ‘rant’.

The pilot came into the cabin wearing ‘street clothes’ and talked to passengers over the intercom about her divorce and the presidential election, passenger Randy Reiss told KVUE.

Reiss said the pilot also mentioned that she was going to be on Oprah.

Passengers said the pilot called President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ‘a*******’.


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