PSYCHO KILLER: Woman Fakes Pregnancy, Then Kills New Mom and Steals her Baby

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Not only did she fake her job, but she also faked a pregnancy. I hope no harm comes to that baby and this crazy woman is locked up!

A 36-year-old Indiana woman now in police custody is suspected of carrying out a twisted plot of kidnapping and killing a young mother in order to steal the victim’s newborn baby and claim the child as her own.

The suspect, who has not been identified, lives in Gary, Indiana, where the body of the victim, Samantha Fleming, was found Friday wrapped up in plastic and doused with bleach.

Police believe the woman went to the home of 23-year-old Fleming in Anderson, 180 miles away, posing as a Child Protective Services employee and convinced Fleming to come with her to Gary.

Fleming recently gave birth to a daughter, Serenity, and lives with her boyfriend, but disappeared with her baby on April 5.

Incredibly, the baby has been found by police and is safe, CBS reported.

The suspect is said to have known a lot of personal information about Fleming and successfully posed as a case worker, leading Fleming to believe she had to attend a court hearing.

Fleming was reported missing by her boyfriend.

Police were led to Gary after Fleming’s cell phone signal was picked up in the city, where the young mother’s wallet was also found near an apartment block.

Police followed other leads to the suspect’s home, but the woman wasn’t there.

Investigators said they smelt a foul odor coming from the small one-story house.

Inside they found the body of a young woman that had been stabbed, covered in bleach, wrapped in plastic and stuffed in a plastic tub.

As officers searched the home, the suspect’s sister came by.

She had a baby with her and was had come by to pick up some things.

Police quickly realized the baby was Serenity.

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