PUBLIC HEALTHCARE: Injured 89yr Old Woman Left Waiting 3 Hours for Ambulance in Freezing Snow

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What a terrifying experience for this woman; and this is what they want for America? No thank you.

The family of an 89-year-old grandmother from Doncaster say they are “appalled and disgusted” after she was forced to wait in the snow for almost three hours for an ambulance, despite nine 999 calls for help.

Doreen Gibson broke her nose and suffered severe bruising after falling – but was forced to lie on a freezing, snowy pavement for two hours and 45 minutes for the emergency services to turn up.

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Mrs Gibson was helped and comforted by market traders who waited with her until the ambulance arrived.

Shocking pictures show her battered and bruised, lying on the street while traders stand over her with umbrellas.

Speaking about her ordeal, Ms Gibson said:

It’s a wonder I’m still here after what happened.

I was just lying there thinking, ‘Where the hell are they?’ I was absolutely soaking wet through.

It’s a good job the people on the market were there to help me.

Absolutely everyone was disgusted by how long it took.


Her family are going to make an official complaint to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, and say she is lucky to be alive after the ordeal.

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