‘Pull Up Your Pants Challenge’: Marine Challenges the Black Community [VIDEO]

He isn’t messing around. Check out what Marine Malik King has to say.

As the popularity and social media prowess of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” continues to grow, there is a new challenge that is being issued that’s gaining social media attention. This challenge will not result in cold ice water being thrown on you. It does not have a focus on raising millions of dollars for a cause. But, it is meant to bring awareness to a critical issue that has a detrimental impact in the lives of many.

This new challenge that will hopefully take not just social media, but society by storm is the ‘Pull Up Your Pants Challenge.”

The challenge started with Charles Johnson, and was expounded upon by Marine Malik King. When King made his challenge video, he did more than demonstrate what it would look like to take the “Pull Up Your Pants Challenge.” He shared why he believes it is critical for the black community to take this challenge to heart and accept it.

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