PUPPY FIGHTS FOR HIS LIFE: Little Puppy Recovers from Abuse After Being Fed Bleach

Screenshot 2014-02-18 at 9.14.47 AMIt is an animal abuse case so shocking that one area pet rescue group is having a hard time trying to understand why someone would do it.

“She was fed bleach,” said Danielle Reno with Unleashed Pet Rescue.

An 8-week-old black lab named Bridgett was rescued then immediately rushed into surgery.

“She had scabs on her face.  Her eyes were matted shut.  We weren’t quite sure what was going on,” Reno said.

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She even had metal shavings in her stomach.

“She had chemical burns on her face, in her eyes, in her mouth, down her throat and in her stomach,” Reno said.

Unleashed found out about the puppies on a Craigslist add that read,”free, abused puppies.”

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