‘The Purge’ Coming to a Town Near You?

Editor’s Note: Hopefully this is just a hoax and not real. If whomever posted these ‘Purge’ posters on their social media are serious, then it sounds like August 31st is going to be a very deadly day.

‘The Purge’ is a movie set in the future where for 12 hours, all criminal activity including murder is legal.  While the scenario is complete fiction, concern from parents about a social media post is very real.

On Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can see a “purge” date has been set for Jacksonville.

“They say that it’s going to be Aug. 31,” said gang interventionist Ivan Brown.

He’s been working to keep local kids out of gangs for years.  But this latest social media trend has him concerned.

“They are out to hurt people, maim people, possibly some may kill,” he said.

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