Purple Purse Program: Kerry Washington Helps Battered Women Land Back on Their Feet

feature-home1-798x561Kerry Washington is taking a creative approach to solve a devastating life problem. See how the Purple Purse Program is helping abused women land on their feet.

When listening to the narratives of women who have survived abuse, there’s usually a point in their stories where they share how financially dependent they were on their abuser. These women often have to wait until they can save up enough money to make their escape from a bad situation. Now, the “Scandal” star found a creative way to use her love of fashion to help women get back on their feet financially after leaving abusive relationships.

Through the recently launched Purple Purse Program, a venture she entered into with the Allstate Foundation. As an ambassador for the campaign that aims to educate women about financial abuse, Kerry used her sense of style to design a fab, wine-colored handbag.

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